Friday, July 25, 2008

Discovery Weekend on 2nd Anniversary

Al and I joined the Discovery Weekend (DW) last July 18-20, 2008 at OMI Retreat House in Quezon City. This is a retreat/weekend for engaged couples or for couples who are seriously considering marriage. Some parishes recognize this as the pre-cana seminar na rin. I had so much fun and we both learned a lot!  The program is designed specifically for couples since interaction with other couples is limited to meal times only and on certain activities. The DW even had the reputation before of being the cause of break-ups because the program may lead to three possible ends: a) the couple pushing through with the wedding, b) the couple postponing the wedding, or c) the couple parting ways. DW was created to minimize or at least prevent failed marriages, since the couple will have the opportunity to discuss issues/concerns on their relationship even before getting married.

Our chaplains were Rey and Marivic Magno (see picture). Separate ang rooms ng ladies sa guys. My roommate was Grace and her partner, Don, was Al's roommate. Sayang nga they had to leave early kasi Grace's father had difficulty breathing na nung Saturday morning. Her father had been battling with cancer for seven years and this was the only time na nahirapan syang huminga. So Al and I were alone in our rooms nung Saturday evening. I heard that Grace's father passed away Sunday afternoon, buti na lang nakahabol si Grace to be with her dad in Pampanga.

Ang sarap din ng pagkain! Sobrang busog kami palagi ni Al.. Bundat na naman ako. :) We also celebrated our second anniversary last July 20 and this was a very different kind of celebration because we celebrated it with the Lord. After the retreat, we just watched "The Dark Knight" at SM Fairview and had dinner at Shakey's. We also visited our Ninang Zita, whose house was near OMI, before we went to SM.

Ang sarap ng pakiramdam talaga after the DW. The experience affirmed our love for each other and our decision to push through with the wedding. 

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