Thursday, July 17, 2008

THE Canonical Interview

Ano nga ba ito?:)
This is the interview that soon-to-wed couples undergo before they get married. We had it last July 12. The parish priest (or any priest assigned to be the interviewer) will ask the groom and the bride (individually) a few questions from a book. Yes, a book. Hardbound and big like the one read by Gandalf in Moria. (haha! What a comparison!) It has pages labeled "Bridegroom" and "Bride". Then the questions are recorded na like a form. Some of the questions were:
- Do you remember your first communion? When? Where?
- What is the middle name of your mom? your dad?
- How did you decide to get married? Was it of your own free will?
- Do you know of any physical defect of your partner? Remember that impotence is a ground for annulment.
- Have you talked about family planning or when to have kids? You know the stand of the Church that contraceptives defeat the very purpose of marriage. We have natural family planning and this is what the Church promotes.
- Hindi naman kayo magkamag-anak ano? (The middle name of Al's dad is Martinez. Well, we're not related. hehe..)
etc... etc.. etc...

Then we sign at the bottom of the page. Ang tanging bilin lang sa akin ni Father Vernbob, to raise our kids in the teachings of the Church and to be good examples/parents to them, that we put God in the center of our family.

**I asked Father Vernbob, why they record in such a big book the questions and answers of couples in the canonical interview. Well, they use this as reference in annulment cases, aside from being a record book of wedded couples. If a wife for example declares that she was forced to marry her husband, the parish will just look at the big book and check her response during the canonical interview. If it's indicated there that it was of her own free will that she married her husband, then her declaration in court may be questioned. (ahhh.. ganun pala yun.. )
**pero naisip ko ngayon lang, 'di ba hindi ina-acknowledge ng Church ang annulment?
----shucks, I miss law school..

anyhow, it was a good experience for both of us. I even asked Ms. Earlie, person-in-charge, if Father Vernbob will still interview us both at the same time (some parishes do) but she said that maybe Father was already satisfied with our answers and there is no need to interview us both. Nice! :)

After the interview, we met with Kat, my good friend and maid of honor, at Ateneo then we went to Mini-Stop in UP Village so she can have her measurements taken by Ms. Adora, my designer. We had lunch at Rodic's (sarap pa rin talaga ng tapsilog pero grabe ang daming tao because it was lunchtime and there's class). We then went to Printed Matter in Aurora Blvd. to get our mock-up invite. Ang ganda! But there were some minor errors that was edited by our artist, Ms. Candy, right then and there. Good thing that Kat was also there 'coz she's familiar with graphic design, layouting, photoshop and all that stuff. :)

After which, we went to Gateway for our gift selection in Rustan's. Al and I settled for the generic stuff to give our guests more leeway in selecting their gifts. Masaya naman na kami sa kahit ano. :) We had dinner first at the foodcourt then we watched "Hancock". Ayos! I liked the concept of the movie and it's humor. Ganda ni Charlize Theron! :)

It was a tiring day but very fulfilling. I enjoyed it very much! :)

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