Monday, May 28, 2012

Dragon Doodling and Shading

I recently noticed that most of Ryken's drawings look like this.  It could be any shape.  He makes an outline first then shades the inner part.  When I asked him in particular what this was, he said it's a dragon.

 But he also called this drawing a dragon. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chef Ryken's Pizza Bread

One afternoon, I requested my yaya to assist Ryken in making pizza bread so he can do an activity and have merienda at the same time.  The pictures were taken by my yaya's daughter.  Ryken was very proud of himself!

They used Del Monte Sweet Pizza Sauce, Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits, Purefoods Sweet Ham, and Eden Cheese.  Yummy!
putting the sauce
then the ham
the pineapple
then the cheese :)
the pizza bread are now in the oven, yey!
Ryken with his Yaya Angie
Funny that Ryken did not eat the pizza bread, so we ate them instead when we arrived home from work, hehe.. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ryken's Artsy Summer 2012 at Lilliput Academy

I was looking for summer activities for Ryken to boost his socialization skills and I chanced upon Lilliput Academy's iArt Class which was offered for free!  Yey!  And the school's part-owner, Beng Remollino, was my highschool classmate. :)  They only asked us to bring glue, scissors, jumbo crayons, and an apron for the art sessions.  I only bought the glue and scissors since Ryken has a set of Crayola's My First Crayons and the apron was a kitchen apron we found in my mom's home which fortunately fit him, hehe.. :)  The school also has a free cooking class, the iCook, but since Ryken enjoys doodling and coloring, the art class was the better choice.

There are 8 sessions and classes are scheduled every Monday and Wednesday, from 8:00am - 10:00am.  The first session was held last April 23.  I knew that it would be a challenge for Ryken because he is a late-riser but on the first day of class, Ryken woke up earlier than usual.  He was probably excited to go to school, too. :)

The class started with a prayer and circle time.  I was very proud and happy (even teary-eyed) seeing Ryken listening to Teacher Jona and participating in the activities.

how the shapes are drawn using 'sleeping' and 'standing' lines

sticking the parts of the face

They made little boys/girls using colored paper cut into different shapes with our (parents/guardians) assistance.  I remembered Ryken not liking the finger painting activity we had in a playdate with N@wie kids so I waited for his reaction when they were told to spread the glue on the paper with their fingers.  He seemed not to mind. :)   

our little boy puppet :)
We chose to stick the little boy on a popsicle stick instead of paper so that Ryken can play with it like a puppet.