Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ang singsing.. bow

I had a surprise visit yesterday. My Mama's alahero, Tony Berboso, visited Al and me in the office to show us our wedding rings. It's like a "draft" kasi hindi pa makinis and pulido (dunno how it's called 'pag jewelry, hehe..). It was nice and I was happy with the product. We opted for a two-toned wedding band (gold and white gold), no stones or frills, and it was beautiful. :) Talagang ikakasal na kami.. :) The ring was also a bit thick and wide that it "hugged" my finger, ang galing! Parang hindi na sya maaalis sa daliri ko, hehehe.. At maganda ang pagkakagawa, sulit na sulit. :)

Hay.. lapit na.. :)