Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pre-Cana Seminar at OLCP

Al and I had our Pre-Cana yesterday at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Roy/Rose Alcid conducted the seminar. It was enlightening and fun! :) we were 6 couples and the funny thing was, we were the only couple who will be getting married in September while the rest of them are April and June. haha! Ang aga naming nagseminar! But it will be an advantage for us because come June, we will be applying for a marriage license and there will be no need to attend a family planning seminar since we've been to one. Mas mabilis na ang pagproseso ng documents. :) Ms. Shirley Yang, the church wedding coordinator, was also there to brief us on the rules for the church ceremony. masarap din ang snacks (goldilocks cakes!), hehe.. :)
after the seminar, we went to the office first because al had to get something and then we went to UP for an isaw/tenga fest and squid ball/chicken ball treat! sarap talaga ng isaw sa UP! another enjoyable bonding experience for us. :)

yumi castrillo's cupcakes

Though we already have a cake supplier, we still met with Ms. Yumi Castrillo last April 17 at Valle Verde Country Club. I'm still thinking of gifts for my entourage and if we choose to give them cupcakes, at least I already have an option. :) Yumi was very pretty and friendly also. :) I discovered that she was also Atenean from college to law school. :) (yeah, Go Ateneo!) She gave us 6 cupcakes to taste: vanilla with white chocolate buttercream, chocolate with dark chocolate buttercream, shake your bonbon (chocolate with nutella/praline buttercream), carrot with white chocolate buttercream, sleepless in manila (coffee with java chip buttercream) and blueberry with white chocolate buttercream. they all tasted good, sarap talaga! my favorites are the blueberry and vanilla cupcakes. we also discussed our cupcake tower design and she was very open to ideas. she also gave us a customized package if we opt not to have so much flowers on our tower since our wedding theme is movie premier night. she also treated us to a snack but I wasn't able to have a bite of the club sandwich because her cupcakes tasted better of course, haha!  

Baking is just her hobby and she works hands-on on her cupcake towers that's why she can only handle one event per day. She even does the frosting on the spot! (galing no?) Al enjoyed the cupcakes, also. busog na naman kami :)

Ateneo and Bridal Fair at SM Megamall--Flowers of May

(Long overdue na rin itong blog na ito..)
Last April 12, Al and I met with my college friend and maid of honor, Kat, in Ateneo. :) We went there to request for a permit to shoot for our pre-nuptial pictorial while Kat had to request some documents. It's been a long time since I went to Ateneo and visited my former office (Office of Administrative Services). My former boss, Ms. Lourdes Sumpaico, already retired from office last March 31, 2008 and Ms. Joy Salita was the Acting Director. Nagpapicture na rin ako with Ms. Joy and Ms. Kat of OAS para souvenir na rin.I faxed an advance copy of my request to them earlier that day and I was lucky that Ms. Joy approved my request on the spot (with some notations, e.g. open areas only and no pictures of the school seals/building names). Yey! It's final, we'll be having our pre-nup in Ateneo!!

We then toured the school to look for good spots to have the pre-nup pictorial. I loved the Interactive 12 Senses exhibit beside Dela Costa Hall. It was very creative and cool! :D we had lunch at Manang's and too bad there wasn't any inihaw na liempo left. We settled for the lechon kawali and dinuguan with itlog na maalat and kamatis! yum!! sarap talaga! going back to ateneo was such an enjoyable experience.

After that short school visit, we went first to our office because Al had to get his free registration note from VRC Creative Events. I toured Kat in our office (it's her first time there). We then went to SM Megamall for the Bridal Fair. Flowers of May was there and we tried to ask if they will give us discounts (we have visited them previously in their shop in UP Village). Ms. Evelyn was really nice but she didn't give us a discount since we are getting the cheapest package. What she did was to include buttounnieres for the 2 fathers and principal sponsors! yey! it was similar to getting a 5% discount! We booked them right there. Finally, we have a florist: Flowers of May!! My bouquet will be deep red roses but we also liked yellow calla lilies and it will certainly match our red and gold motif. But if I opt for the calla lilies, I would have to add an additional P2,000 so we'd have to wait and see.. hehe.. :)

I enjoyed the fair but it was very tiring. The Megatrade Hall wasn't that big but maybe because you have to do a lot of walking and talking, hehe.. That was my first bridal fair with al and kat and it was fun! Eloquente was also there. I even saw the photo album of the wedding where TransChorale was hired to sing in the nuptial mass. Too bad, our photo wasn't there (harr!)
We ate dinner at Yellow Cab and tried their new pizza, Barbecue Chicken. sarap! We really accomplished a lot that day and we are 90% through with our preps.. yahoo!!! :)

continuous search for a designer and finally a cake supplier!

(this blog is long overdue, hehe..)
 Last April 10, we met with Ms. Adora Revilloza at Mini-Stop in Maginhawa St., UP Village, to discuss our designs. She's very friendly and accommodating and even treated us for a snack. It was my first time to eat at Mini-Stop, hehe.. :) Ms. Adora only makes dresses/gowns for women so we would have to scout for a barong tailor for Al if ever we will get her as our designer. She was able to improve our chosen designs for the bridal entourage and the bridal gown and her quote was equal to that of our designer from Sariaya. Only downside is, the total price does not include al's barong/pants yet as opposed to our other designer's quote. But I'm sure her work is of good quality (as seen in her multiply site and based from reviews of fellow W@wies).

On April 13, we visited Ms. Gervy Cruz for our cake tasting. Another client was also there when we arrived and it seems there was a mix-up in the schedule (as Ms. Gervy only entertains one client at a time). But it was okay for us, at least we have company. :) She offered her cakes and filling (where you can mix and match) for the chocolate covered cakes and for the fondant. She also gave us samples of the sugar used for the fondant (too sweet!) and the white chocolate used for the cakes (yum!). For the chocolate covered cakes, there's vanilla, chocolate, cappuccino, lemon and choco marble while the fillings are chocolate, mocha kahlua, and vanilla. For the fondant, there's apple walnut, rhum, and carrot.

Al and I loved the cakes that we booked Ms. Gervy Cruz on the same day! We'll be getting the 3pc satellite cake and Ms. Gervy was also excited to design the cake as this will be her first time to adopt a "movie premier night" theme. We chose the choco marble and mocha kahlua filling for the 1st cake, cappuccino and mocha kahlua filling for the second cake, and vanilla and vanilla filling for the 3rd cake. the 1st two choices are al's choices while the last one, the vanilla was my choice. Al is not that fond of chocolate but it tasted good. :) Ms. Gervy was also very accommodating and was very open to suggestions. We had a nice time with her. :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

gown and cake

For the past week, we've been scouting for our gown designer and cake supplier. So far, we've visited Boying Eustaquio and Joy San Gabriel. Boying was very kind and he gave us a good package (almost similar to our designer from Sariaya but of course, Boying's shop is a lot nearer). I'm already considering a simple yet elegant bridal gown to cut down on costs. I may also request for minimal beadwork on my female entourage's gowns so that it will be cheaper. We'll just choose a good fabric and play with the designs of the dresses.

On cake tasting, we visited Joy San Gabriel's residence at Corinthian Gardens (sosy!). She gave us four mini-cakes: Amaretto Flourless, Kilaueia, Coffee Caramel, and Blueberry Cheesecake. They all tasted good, but I loved the coffee caramel cake most. :) Blueberry cheesecake has been an old favorite while the amaretto flourless and kilaueia are too sweet for me (though they're still chocolate cakes so it's still yummy!). Ms. Joy was very accommodating and patient in answering our queries. What I liked about her is that she doesn't require a minimum order unlike most bakers. They also have a really nice house (a big house, actually). :) Her mini-cakes are also very affordable/reasonably-priced. :)

After our cake tasting, Al and I met with my dear college friend, Bel, at the Podium. She's assistant admin manager there (hanep!). We ate dinner at Pinoydon (yummy filipino food with a japanese twist), with her boyfriend, Manny, a college blockmate. Saya, reunion! :) I'm also glad that there's someone who takes care of Bel now. (thanks, Manny!) Al and I also went to Starbucks for the long-missed coffee treat. hay.. sarap talaga ng white chocolate mocha! :)

This week we will still meet with other designers/cake suppliers. We will also drop by the bridal fair in Megamall this weekend and also the one in May in SMX Convention Center. Too bad we weren't able to go to PICC last March, we could've gotten affordable packages from our suppliers. Anyway, at least we are 70% done with our preps. :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

finally, we have a caterer!

when we started our wedding preps, our first choice of venue was blue gardens in commonwealth, qc. there we had food tasting with delica catering (1st visit) and lina vitan (2nd visit) catering. eloquente catering was just setting-up the 1st time we went there so we weren't able to taste the food. we liked delica, food was good.  lina vitan wasn't really okay. however, my mom suggested to scout for other churches/venues when she had the chance to see the place. so, we looked for other options (St. Raphael Parish in Don Antonio and Our Lady of Remedies Church in Don Enrique) then we found Our Lady of Consolation Parish. until the time that we have booked 3 other suppliers (see my 1st entry), we still haven't found our caterer. We were eyeing henry's catering because my mom knows the owner and she's the wedding godmother of one of the staff, so we were thinking we're going to get a good package. however, the price they quoted for our chosen menu was a bit high so we had to look for another caterer. sir loi recommended queensland and budget-wise, the menu was really affordable! my mom, though, had reservations on booking this caterer because she said that though it offers low rates, the quality may not be ok. so we had an ocular of queensland's set-up when they had a wedding reception at bulwagang recoletos. the judgment? Well, we found it "different". I told al that we have to look for another caterer. We then visited the office of eloquente catering in yale st., cubao, qc. And at last, we found our caterer! :) sayang nga, they were part of the bridal fair in gazebo royale last march 9 (where we met jr and jhoana sebastian of parker shot photography), we could've gotten a good package. but inspite of that, we still think that they gave us a good offer. :) thanks to ms. bheng, our account executive (AE). exciting na talaga ito!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wedding preps 101

I just realized that wedding preparations can really be a hassle especially if you're working on a tight budget. Even if you try not to spend so much, with the price of most commodities increasing almost every week, you will still be needing a "bigger" budget. And of course, there are some things that you would want to get/use for your wedding but have to forego because it's expensive! Harr... Oh well.. It's still an enjoyable experience.

At this time, we already have a church and reception venue. The wedding will be held at Our Lady of Consolation Parish in Mira-Nila Homes, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. I chanced upon this church when I was viewing a sample wedding album. The altar is blue and it has a big statue of the Virgin Mary at the center (even bigger than the crucifix). Al and I loved the church when we first saw it during our ocular, including my mom. Then, we checked out their reception venue, Bulwagang Recoletos. Since this parish is owned by the Augustinians, the reception venue is part of the seminary. It's also nice and has an "historic" feel. Anyway, I attached pictures of the place and the church.

We have only booked a few of our suppliers and we're still scouting for others. Here they are:

On-the-Day Coordination and Host: Loi Villarama and His Angels

Photo-Video: Parker Shot Photography (JR Sebastian)

Souvenirs: Studio for Fun by Konsepto (On-site Souvenirs)

We have yet to book our caterer and wedding cake/cupcake supplier. Our wedding theme will be a "movie premier night", much like a Hollywood theme, only that this is a movie happening in real-time, hehehe...