Thursday, February 21, 2008


I didn't get the chance to buy a gift for my boyfriend last Valentine's day so I thought I'll make it up to him on our monthsary. I already had something in mind, having watched "Kay Susan Tayo" at GMA7 last February 10, 2008. They featured "ChocoPix Personalized Confectionery" where they print pictures on chocolates! It's called chocolography and I thought it's a really nice and unique gift. So I checked out their website (, ordered one heart party favor through email, and attached three pictures they can choose from. They immediately replied and sent me back the pictures (with the captions and already in heart shape as how they would look on the chocolate). I really wanted the formal picture but it's blurry and grainy so I chose the beach picture instead. Lead time is 2 days after confirmation of order but for bulk orders, about 5 days to one week.

So yesterday, I asked papa to accompany me to Malakas St. (near V. Luna) to "pick-up something for my mom". Little did he know that we were going to pick-up my monthsary gift for him. hehe.. ChocoPix was very easy to find and the shop looked neat and clean. Chino and Andrew were very friendly and accommodating, too. Papa was very happy when he got his gift. :-) He also checked out the shop and we even got a free choco lollipop! The chocolate tastes good and it's imported from the US. It's shelf life is about a year and a half. It must be kept at room temperature (not in the refrigerator because it will moist and the picture will become muddled). It's also great for souvenirs. :-)

I'm happy papa liked his gift. Love you very much, mahal....