Tuesday, July 01, 2008

licensed to marry

We got our marriage license last June 25, 2008. :) Finally, we're through with the marriage documents. What we only need to do at this time is to file affidavits regarding our different names on the birth certificate and baptismal/confirmation certificate. It turns out that both my baptismal and cofirmation certificates had Maria shortened to Ma. Al's case on the other hand is that he was baptized "Anthony Lloyd" but his name on the birth certificate is Al. Weird no? hehehe... :)

I had a very stressful week last week because of our company's anniversary celebration. Our choir had a dinner concert last June 26 so most of our preparations happened a month before. We had rehearsals even if Typhoon Frank was devastating the country at that time (hehehe..). Because of this, Al and I went to the spa last Saturday to relax.. hay, sarap magpamasahe!

We will be having our canonical interview next week, July 12. After that, ok na kami, continue with preps na uli! Grabe lapit na!

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