Thursday, June 23, 2011

Under The Table

Ryken has this habit of going under the table when he needs to poopoo.  His aunt (hubby's sister) used to do it, too, when she was little.  When he grew older, however, he seemed to enjoy doing it while playing "habulan" with his papa.

Maybe next time he'll fancy going on top of the table or the chair, hehe..

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Breaking China (1st Casualty: Corelle Plate)

This is the first plate that Ryken broke.

We were eating dinner last night. He was standing on his chair and toying with his yaya's food and plate. Then.. the plate fell on the floor and broke.

It's a Corelle plate with a nice flower border design. It was a wedding gift from my Ninang Beng.

Well, the good thing was Ryken was not hurt.  I gave him a bit of scolding though.  But I think he didn't fully understand what happened. We will just be more careful next time.