Thursday, July 10, 2008

going loco over lomo

Okay, I know I should be busy with wedding preps considering that our special day is about two months away but I can't help but be excited on a newfound "hobby"! I read about lomography in a Coffee Bean magazine and I have been hooked since. :)

I am leaning towards getting a Holga 135BC mainly because it uses a 35mm film which is widely available in photo shops and I love vignettes! I am also interested in getting fisheye shots so I might get a lens for that (or a fisheye cam?). :) I'm sure this will be a bit challenging since I'm used to taking pictures using the digital cameras that we have now. We had a film camera before, the automatic type, but it has batteries so no worries in adjusting the film and you can't do multiple exposures. My mom had a Minolta cam before but I was still a baby then so no chance of operating it, haha!. :) yey! I'm so excited!


  1. May I please be your official wedding lomographer? :)

  2. shempre naman! :) hehehehe... i'm sure by then you've got the hang of it . :D