Thursday, July 17, 2008


I received my lomo goodies yesterday! yipee! so despite getting wet because of the heavy rains that morning (as in super basa ang aking uniform at lumusong ako sa baha just to get to the office), I was happy. it was like a race, sunod-sunod silang dumating. First was my Holga 135 series Fisheye Lens from Aya (delivered by JRS Express). Then sabay na, my Holga 135BC with free shutter cable release from Honey and my films from Lem (3 Lucky Color ASA 200, 1 Fuji Pro Plus II ASA 100, and 1 Fuji Superia Xtra ASA 400), which were delivered by Xend. I even thought that the delivery will be delayed because of the heavy rains. All my suppliers came from the Lomomanila Group. Super reliable sila! Here's the funny part, Al was even more excited than I am that he loaded my camera with film right then and there. Nauna pa sa may-ari, hahahaha! It was great, I can't explain the feeling. It really is a toy camera because it's made of plastic. I just hope my pictures will look fine (at sana may picture nga na nakunan! hahaha!) I'm about to shoot my 14th shot now..

It's like me being a child again.. that feeling of having my first dream dollhouse or teddy bear.. it's great. Then of course, I had to name my new Holga camera... Sweet. 'Coz I received it on the 16th of July, sweet sixteen! (haha! Labo ba?). Gusto ko pa nga Sweetalog eh pero pag jologs mode na lang ako.

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