Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pre-Cana Seminar at OLCP

Al and I had our Pre-Cana yesterday at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Roy/Rose Alcid conducted the seminar. It was enlightening and fun! :) we were 6 couples and the funny thing was, we were the only couple who will be getting married in September while the rest of them are April and June. haha! Ang aga naming nagseminar! But it will be an advantage for us because come June, we will be applying for a marriage license and there will be no need to attend a family planning seminar since we've been to one. Mas mabilis na ang pagproseso ng documents. :) Ms. Shirley Yang, the church wedding coordinator, was also there to brief us on the rules for the church ceremony. masarap din ang snacks (goldilocks cakes!), hehe.. :)
after the seminar, we went to the office first because al had to get something and then we went to UP for an isaw/tenga fest and squid ball/chicken ball treat! sarap talaga ng isaw sa UP! another enjoyable bonding experience for us. :)

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