Sunday, April 20, 2008

continuous search for a designer and finally a cake supplier!

(this blog is long overdue, hehe..)
 Last April 10, we met with Ms. Adora Revilloza at Mini-Stop in Maginhawa St., UP Village, to discuss our designs. She's very friendly and accommodating and even treated us for a snack. It was my first time to eat at Mini-Stop, hehe.. :) Ms. Adora only makes dresses/gowns for women so we would have to scout for a barong tailor for Al if ever we will get her as our designer. She was able to improve our chosen designs for the bridal entourage and the bridal gown and her quote was equal to that of our designer from Sariaya. Only downside is, the total price does not include al's barong/pants yet as opposed to our other designer's quote. But I'm sure her work is of good quality (as seen in her multiply site and based from reviews of fellow W@wies).

On April 13, we visited Ms. Gervy Cruz for our cake tasting. Another client was also there when we arrived and it seems there was a mix-up in the schedule (as Ms. Gervy only entertains one client at a time). But it was okay for us, at least we have company. :) She offered her cakes and filling (where you can mix and match) for the chocolate covered cakes and for the fondant. She also gave us samples of the sugar used for the fondant (too sweet!) and the white chocolate used for the cakes (yum!). For the chocolate covered cakes, there's vanilla, chocolate, cappuccino, lemon and choco marble while the fillings are chocolate, mocha kahlua, and vanilla. For the fondant, there's apple walnut, rhum, and carrot.

Al and I loved the cakes that we booked Ms. Gervy Cruz on the same day! We'll be getting the 3pc satellite cake and Ms. Gervy was also excited to design the cake as this will be her first time to adopt a "movie premier night" theme. We chose the choco marble and mocha kahlua filling for the 1st cake, cappuccino and mocha kahlua filling for the second cake, and vanilla and vanilla filling for the 3rd cake. the 1st two choices are al's choices while the last one, the vanilla was my choice. Al is not that fond of chocolate but it tasted good. :) Ms. Gervy was also very accommodating and was very open to suggestions. We had a nice time with her. :)