Wednesday, April 09, 2008

gown and cake

For the past week, we've been scouting for our gown designer and cake supplier. So far, we've visited Boying Eustaquio and Joy San Gabriel. Boying was very kind and he gave us a good package (almost similar to our designer from Sariaya but of course, Boying's shop is a lot nearer). I'm already considering a simple yet elegant bridal gown to cut down on costs. I may also request for minimal beadwork on my female entourage's gowns so that it will be cheaper. We'll just choose a good fabric and play with the designs of the dresses.

On cake tasting, we visited Joy San Gabriel's residence at Corinthian Gardens (sosy!). She gave us four mini-cakes: Amaretto Flourless, Kilaueia, Coffee Caramel, and Blueberry Cheesecake. They all tasted good, but I loved the coffee caramel cake most. :) Blueberry cheesecake has been an old favorite while the amaretto flourless and kilaueia are too sweet for me (though they're still chocolate cakes so it's still yummy!). Ms. Joy was very accommodating and patient in answering our queries. What I liked about her is that she doesn't require a minimum order unlike most bakers. They also have a really nice house (a big house, actually). :) Her mini-cakes are also very affordable/reasonably-priced. :)

After our cake tasting, Al and I met with my dear college friend, Bel, at the Podium. She's assistant admin manager there (hanep!). We ate dinner at Pinoydon (yummy filipino food with a japanese twist), with her boyfriend, Manny, a college blockmate. Saya, reunion! :) I'm also glad that there's someone who takes care of Bel now. (thanks, Manny!) Al and I also went to Starbucks for the long-missed coffee treat. hay.. sarap talaga ng white chocolate mocha! :)

This week we will still meet with other designers/cake suppliers. We will also drop by the bridal fair in Megamall this weekend and also the one in May in SMX Convention Center. Too bad we weren't able to go to PICC last March, we could've gotten affordable packages from our suppliers. Anyway, at least we are 70% done with our preps. :)

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