Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ryken's 2nd Birthday: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

(This is a super duper late post. His birthday is August 12)

My dearest son's birthday fell on a Friday so it was easy to invite guests to the celebration.  We had two gatherings: a lunch get-together in the office with godparents and officemates then dinner at our apartment with relatives.   

For lunch, we had inihaw na bangus from Bangusan at Roces Avenue, pinakbet and igado (cooked by my mom-in-law), lettuce-pineapple-quail egg salad, and bacon-wrapped crabsticks. 
with godparents and officemates (ubos na food!)
with Ninong Astro (di siya nakasama sa group pic)
My mother-in-law cooked most of the dishes for the family dinner (so thankful to her 'coz she's a good cook!).  We had igado, pinakbet, steamed bangus in soy sauce with tomato, and pansit bihon/canton.  Then my yaya cooked spaghetti (just a small batch), lumpiang shanghai (made by the househelp of my in-laws), and hotdogs-on-stick.  I also ordered crispy pata from my officemate (we love the taste because the pata is steamed with herbs), then my cousin bought ice cream for dessert.  
the buffet table
As for the cake, I baked it myself. :) It's a chocolate cake (recipe from and I covered it with marshmallow fondant (which was a bit soft and sticky that some parts broke apart but I was able to cover them with star shapes).  Not bad for a first-timer in making fondant icing but I hope to perfect it in time.  It was a bit tedious though.  I wanted the cake to have a train but the figure I made looked more like a car so I just made a street and then added my brother's Pluto squeeze toy since it matches the color scheme of the cake (parang underwater nga ang colors, hehe). 
blowing the birthday candle
I chose the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme because it's Ryken's favorite. He has two DVDs of that show and he never tires watching them. :) For the decor, I bought balloons from Lollipop Balloons in E. Rodriguez (just the size10 and some Mickey-shaped balloons that turned out to be bear balloons 'coz I can't inflate the ears properly).  I made balloonderitas and attached them to the stairs and put the bear balloons on sticks and placed them on the tables.
the birthday boy tapping the balloonderitas one by one

I also bought a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday poster from Landmark-Trinoma and wrote "Ryken at 2" on a yellow board paper using crayons (because I forgot to print one in the office).  But it turned out better as it is personalized and creative :D
birthday poster
Ryken invited four kids his age so I prepared lootbags with bubbles, coin banks, birthday "torotot" (that has a loop paper at the end), marshmallows, and biscuits.  The lootbag had a Mickey print including the bubble canisters and coin banks which I bought from the Toy Section of Landmark-Trinoma.  But only one kid was able to make it to the party as the others were sick :( We didn't play games anymore.
lootbag contents (without the food)
Ryken's cousin and only kid guest, Ezra, enjoying the bubbles
party guests (late pic, umuwi na yung iba, hehe)
It was a simple celebration of our dear Ryken's second year.  I hope we can start potty training soon since he was already weaned from the bottle when he turned 2 years old.
enjoying his Dutch Mill yogurt drink
birthday boy pa-cute
family pic
Happy, happy birthday, Ryken! Papa and Mama love you very much. Be a good boy always.:)


  1. happy new year, sis!
    and super belated happy bday, ryken!

    1. happy new year, too, sis!
      hehehe.. super late post na nga. pramis I'll be kinder to my blog and update it often. :)