Monday, September 26, 2011

Pencil Doodles on the Study Table

Last Thursday night, I was preparing the table for dinner when I suddenly noticed some marks on Ryken's study table.

the left side, ang may pinakamatinding scribble
Nabinyagan na ni Ryken ang kanyang study table. What's amazing is, there are marks on all sides!
the center part (the one in front of you when you're seated)

the right side

and the back side (when you're seated)
It seems that Ryken did this while his Yaya Angie was busy preparing and cooking dinner. Kaya pala sabi ni Yaya, ang tahimik daw ng bata, hehe.

Yaya Angie tried to remove the pencil marks by scrubbing the table with a wet rag but she wasn't successful. I thought of using a pencil eraser (the one on top of pencils) and thankfully, it worked! However, if you look closely at the table, there are still visible albeit lighter marks.

Mukhang nakakaintindi rin naman si Ryken dahil tumulong sa aking magbura ng mga sulat niya, hehe..
here I am busy erasing the pencil marks
I look forward to more surprises from you, dear Ryken! :)


  1. ang cute ng table and chair! personalized pa!

  2. thank you, sis maqui! :) It's from N@Wie Sis Jen ( I got this from the N@W FairyGodmother project. Ang bait ng Fairy Godmother ko (she doesn't want to be named) kaya laking tuwa ko talaga when my wish was granted. :)