Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Turning Two

In a few weeks, my baby popot will turn two years old!! Exciting!
I am so proud that Ryken's growing as an ever curious, smart, energetic, and happy toddler!

He explores imaginative play.
his crayon as a lotion bottle

teddy bear on his wagon

here his teddy bear rides his bike

toys inside the tent first

going in
nasan na ang toys? hehe..
He loves balloons of any color, shape, size.
with smiley

He enjoys cars and driving vehicles.
he imitates what his papa does while driving

He likes stacking cups.

He can go up and down the stairs by himself. And does it on the chairs, too.

He eats and drinks on his own (and it can be a bit messy on the table).
he likes the tapsilog of Rodic's

He is very amiable and talkative.  We always do interviews/Q&A's with our old microphones or anything we can use as a mic (like a Pringles can or the big bubble sword). 

He likes to sing and dance.  It's great that Ryken is musically-inclined. :)

And this is what I love best about my son:
He enjoys reading (which I hope he will develop until he grows older) and writing/drawing.

reading "The Velveteen Rabbit"

doodling with his jumbo pencil
I am so excited to see you grow and become the best person you can be. I love you so much, dear Ryken! :) 


  1. hi mapi! thanks for dropping by my blog. our room at joaquins bed and breakfast is 4,200. that's 30% off kasi we their FB promo/. hope you'll have a nice stay there.

    Advance happy bday to ryken!

  2. sis leslie! I'm so happy you posted a comment! :) Thank you, sis. Ikaw ang first, hehe.. Thanks also for the greeting and info on joaquin's. have a happy weekend!