Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Our Bulilit's Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party in DayCare


For my son's actual birthday, we went to Kidzville in Podium Mall, Ortigas, where he played for an hour with his Papa.  He particularly liked the blasters in the play area and the Little Tikes mini-cars in the village.  After that, we had merienda at home with the family.  We cooked pansit bihon and fried chicken, my in-laws brought puto and pichi-pichi from Bulacan, my brother ordered Analiza's Crispy Pata, my mom sponsored the Mary Grace Mango Cake, and my nephew also brought a Red Ribbon Choco Mallows cake.  Yum!

Our next celebration was in daycare.  We were really praying for good weather (Habagat came the week before and the rains were non-stop for the next days) and though it was rainy during the party, we were thankful that four (4) of Ryken's six (6) classmates were able to join the event.

We chose dinosaurs as theme since he was very amazed at them and always watched Jurassic Park or Land Before Time. I searched the net for dino birthday ideas and came up with two activities for their class.  The decors were free printable designs I downloaded from the net.  Really cute!  We also used these during the house party.

Their first activity was Color-the-Dino.  I printed out coloring pages of six (6) different dinosaurs and Teacher Mai asked the kids to roar as she named each dino.  She let the kids choose their own dino. Ryken chose the brachiosaurus.

ROAR! :)

Teacher Cristine posted the coloring pages on the board like an exhibit.

The next activity was the Dino Egg Hunt.  I bought colored plastic eggs (one half was transparent and the other half was colored) and placed one Choc-nut treat inside each egg.  Teacher Cristine hid the eggs while the kids were busy coloring their dinos.  Each kid was to look for one egg to get a special prize.  The kids had fun looking all over the daycare for hidden eggs! :)

weee, we found the eggs!
Lunch was next.  I cooked pasta with sweet tomato sauce (using fettucine noodles and bacon as meat) and baked chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (recipes from www.casaveneracion.com).  Yaya cooked fried chicken with her own recipe.  We served orange juice as drinks.  The cupcakes also served as Ryken's birthday cake.  He didn't blow his birthday candle, though.

No, Mama, I don't want to blow my birthday candle!!!

with Ryken's classmates and teachers
To end the celebration, we gave out dinosaur stuffed toys to the kids as their lootbags. :)  It was a lucky find at The Gift Factory-Trinoma, just the size I wanted.  I bought Stegosaurus for the boys and Triceratops for the girls.  This was their prize for finding the hidden egg. :)  We also invited the kids' parents to join us in the party.

Happy birthday again, my darling, Ryken! :)

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