Friday, July 13, 2012

Lilliput Academy's Summer Art Class Graduation

On May 19, 2012, my son experienced another milestone in his life, his first graduation. :)  Being the excited mom that I was, I let him wear a semi-formal outfit (green polo, black slacks, and black leather shoes) and he looked so handsome!
morning face (while waiting for classmates to arrive)
opening prayer
waving to someone
When Teacher Jona was about to start announcing the students' names for the iArt Class, we noticed that Ryken was still seated.  A fellow mom even asked me, "Hindi ba kasama siya sa art class? (Isn't he an art class participant?)" We called Teacher Jona's attention and she immediately apologized.  She got confused with the names because Ryken is my son's nickname and his formal name was the one indicated in the certificate. :)
with Teacher Jona

class picture
their last artwork given with the Certificate of Achievement
There was a song and dance number and we were all anticipating it.  I love performing on stage and I was hoping Ryken's a performer, too. :)  But he wasn't in the mood that time, haha!  He just stood there and moved his hands a bit.  It was really funny. :)  I'm not familiar with the song, though.

he's not in the mood to dance :)
It was a memorable day for all of us and the next summers will surely be fun, too! :)
Thank you, Teacher Jona! I had a great time!
first graduation family picture :)


  1. Hi sis! nananalig akong mabubuhay muli ang blog mo. hahaha!

    i tagged you in an award in my blog

    1. sis maqui!!! super miss ko na ang magbasa ng blog mo. Daming changes na nangyari kasi sa 'kin (careerwise) for the past two months. Chika ko next time. :) Thanks for tagging me ha. I missed the N@W Christmas party tuloy :(