Friday, April 13, 2012

Lord, We Pray for Stronger Lungs for Our Baby

It was late evening of March 13, 2012 that I noticed Ryken having difficulty breathing.  He had cough (with severe phlegm) and colds then and his back arched a bit as he breathed, which was unlike the other times that he was sick.  He couldn't sleep well that night and he kept on tossing and turning on the bed, probably finding the best position where he could breathe more easily.

I contacted our pedia, Dra. Grace De Joya, early morning the next day and she advised that I give Solmux Broncho to Ryken and that I also bring him to the clinic for check-up.  Dra. Grace's initial diagnosis was pneumonia and we were advised to do a chest x-ray.  She also prescribed Clarithromycin and Salbutamol Nebules.  Ryken was supposed to be admitted to the hospital but thankfully, he was still energetic and playful and didn't lose his appetite so there was no need for confinement.

smell, smell :)

We were lucky that hubby had a nebulizer and Ryken seemed to enjoy nebulizing because it probably helped ease his breathing.  We just let him smell the "smoke" since he cannot put the apparatus yet in his mouth.  

We went to Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC) in Quezon Avenue for the chest x-ray since the hospital is just across our office.  When we got the result after two days, the impression was "Bronchopneumonia and/or primary koch's infection."  The pneumonia was already being treated so our pedia advised to have a PPD skin test done to confirm if Ryken is positive for primary koch's infection or primary complex.

We had the skin test last March 22 at PCMC.  Ryken was so brave when the fluid for the skin test was injected on his arm.  He didn't even cry at all!  He kept on saying that he had a "check" because everytime he was vaccinated, the pedia always puts a band-aid with a check mark on the injection spot.  A very brave boy indeed! :)

The result of the skin test was read on March 25 (near the end of 72hours) and Ryken had a big red circle mark of about 14mm around the injection spot.  The normal range is until 10mm so Ryken was positive for primary complex.  I started researching on the condition and it seemed to be a very common thing for most Filipino children nowadays.  I never heard of it when we were younger.

It happened that our pedia was on vacation on the 3rd week of March so I consulted Dr. Cristan Cabanilla, a Pedia-Pulmonary Specialist at PCMC and he prescribed Kidz Kit 3 (3mL of Curazid and Natricid before breakfast, and 6mL of Zcure after breakfast) for six (6) months for the treatment of Ryken's primary complex.  He also said that Ryken has asthma (oh no! He got it from his Papa).  I remember hubby having his attacks when he has a really bad cold and cough.  I don't know anything about asthma because no one was asthmatic in our family.  Sigh.  I am now more sensitive with what my baby eats because most of the food that he enjoys eating (e.g. chocolate, peanuts, watermelon, orange) are possible triggers of asthma.

All members of the household had to undergo a chest x-ray, too, since Ryken was diagnosed with primary complex.  Good thing we all had clear x-ray results.  My in-laws also had chest x-rays done because they regularly interact with my son and at the moment, we are still waiting for the results.

I am just proud of Ryken that he takes his medicine even if he doesn't like the taste so much.  He even points to the next bottle. :)  I also bought a medicine spoon (First Years brand from SM Baby Company) so it will be easier to measure and give the medicine.  I am determined to enroll Ryken in sports activities like swimming or soccer when he's older to help him build better resistance and stronger lungs.  I really pray that he outgrows his asthma and that he becomes a healthier child.

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