Thursday, January 08, 2009


Wow, antagal na pala ng huling post ko.
Inabot pa ako ng 2009. hahahahaha!
Well, 2008 was a good year for me. And I ended it with a bang!
I got to visit places (Bohol and Cebu last March, and Singapore and Malaysia last September).  I got married to the special man in my life last September (yes, our honeymoon was spent in Singapore and Malaysia), and I just discovered last December 11 that I am going to be a mom soon!!! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing. 

It was a year of: love, new beginnings, new friends and acquaintances, adventure, a bit of worry because of our company's privatization (which will happen this month, I think), and realizations. All these experiences made me a better person and I am hoping that I may also become the best mom my child could ever have.

CHEERS TO 2009!!!


  1. oh my gosh! mommy mapi! :) congratulations!

  2. congratulations! you're gonna love motherhood! and from how i know you, you'll be a very good mom. so enjoy your pregnancy for now and once the baby's here you'll want more kids. :) heheheh...

  3. congrats mapi!!! can't believe you are married! sabi mo dati sa akin, hindi ka magpapakasal!
    :P hehehehe

    post photos of your new baby! yey!!! mommy mapi!!!!

  4. hahaha! oo nga, sabi ko magmamadre ako.
    dear, sa august pa darating si baby, hehehehe.. :)
    i promise to post photos. :)

  5. haha! thanks, chi.. :)
    dapat magaling magplano like you para madaling magpalaki ng anak :p

  6. thanks, precious..
    a year to go and you'll be married.. Enjoy your preps. :)

  7. i think what isi meant about the photos eh yung ultrasound. ey, try the 3D. it's so cool. makikita mo yung face ng baby. how far along are you na ba?

  8. don't wait for seven years bago mo sundan, tulad ng ginawa ko. mahirap yung malaking gap.

  9. congrats! maging lola n c mama mo,hehehhe,Ang gandang lola,hahahaha